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This summer Paper Clouds Apparel had several campaigns for children with cancer, particularly Neuroblastoma. This article is about a television commercial ad on the topic that was powerful to the current campaign.

This morning I was sitting with my usual cup of coffee watching the morning news when a commercial came on. It was a Johnson & Johnson commercial where a little girl, Emma, who has cancer, was sitting in her bed drawing pictures of her nurse and smiling. The nurse was laughing and playing with Emma, and for a moment you almost forget that you are watching these two happy lives intersect in a hospital. The nurse then had to inject Emma with medication through an IV, but he distracts her by signing a song to her that I’m sure most of us are familiar with: the name game song. You know, “Anna bana bo bana”…Anyway, my point is that even though the treatment that Emma has to go through is understandably scary for her, I was touched by how easy it was to distract her and cheer her up by singing to her, and even for a little girl of her size and age, she looked so brave and understanding to what she had to go through.

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