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Here is an excerpt from an article written for Paper Clouds Apparel to promote votes to win a grant from KIND:

This month, Paper Clouds Apparel has entered into the KIND causes campaign where KIND snacks company supports one cause with 10,000 dollars. We can achieve the goal of being awarded this grant with your help! With the 10,000 dollars, we do can lots of great things for PCA and the PCA family. We would like to use the grant to update our website so that we can have more artist designs available. Also, we would like to create a “classics” section of the website where some of our classic designs are available to order in case some of you may have missed a campaign. Moreover, we would like to use majority of the grant to have job fairs for those with special needs and to train them with skills to help them find employment. 90 percent of individuals with special needs are unemployed and it is our goal to lower this number. Finally, we would love to use the grant to provide more opportunity for art design where we could bring in varieties of art teachers for those with special needs so that they can be exposed to many types of art and find the kinds of art that they like best. In addition to one-on-one teachings from art teachers, PCA wants to provide students with a bag of art supplies so that they are able to continue to pursue their artwork at home. With the KIND grant, it would give PCA more opportunity to expose more artists and showcase talented individuals with special needs worldwide…And voting for this cause is so easy! Go to and vote for Paper Clouds.


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